Allyson has always loved to take pictures.
When she was 13, her dad gave her her first camera. 

Since then Allyson has never stopped taking photos. With the birth of each of
her sons and her husband’s gift of her first digital camera,
Allyson began to see taking pictures in on a whole new light.
Spending hours snapping away—capturing those precious moments,
those new expressions of their little ones.

With her husband’s unfaltering belief in her ability to create, along with the gift of a professional digital camera, she was inspired to take what brings her so much joy and share it with others.

Allyson has a BFA in Advertising Design and Photography.
And while she has always studied the arts, she is constantly inspired by what we can create.
Because where there is love and inspiration, you can’t go wrong.

As with a precious photo, the gifts from her dad and her husband have never stopped giving. Allyson’s father has always inspired her — and he will always be with her. The Dragonfly has become a symbol to her of her dad. Every time Allyson sees a dragonfly she knows her dad is with her and he is watching over her and her family. In his memory she has pursued her love for photography and the joy of capturing memories and started Dragonfly Studio.

With the launch of our new website and new logo design we have kept the dragonfly symbol and simplified the studio name to Allyson Furlong Photography.